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BIMS has collaborated with the West Java Provincial Environment Agency (06/19) in the context of developing the SIPP (Complaint Reporting Information System) application, one of the sub-jobs is the Malaysian Android application developer which is projected by the West Java kankalay project. In the future, it is hoped that if there are environmental violations found by agencies and so on, the general public can quickly report to the relevant offices (in this case DLH West Java Province).

Some of the technologies we use in making SIPP Android, include:

Google Maps API Android
For the purposes of map representation in the context of inputting complaint data (location of events based on maps).
Google OAuth2
For authentication purposes (Sing-In / Up using active email on the associated mobile device).
Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
For the purposes of realtime notification of the progress of reporting status, when the PDO admin / DLH admin updates the status of the reporting transaction, the reporter (android application) will receive a realtime notification of the status change.
HttpRequest API REST
The SIPP Android application communicates with the SIPP server in order to receive / send data related to complaints, we use Retrofit2 technology to handle various application communication needs (API).

SIPP Android is built using the latest React Native technology and various other supporting libraries within React Native, using JavaScript as the main language, the function of the client area is focused as a whole by utilizing HttpRequest as a medium of communication between applications.

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