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BIMS (Bima Inspira Master Solution) – is a corporation engaged in consulting services for various interests in the field of Information Systems and Technology. BIMS focuses its services on: Creating and developing Web / Mobile based applications / systems that are right on target client-owned and solution-oriented problems.
Main Business:

  1. Geographical Information System (GIS)
  2. Android Mobile Application
    3.Data WareHouse (ETL Designer)

BIMS Terminology:
Bima is the 2nd son of Pandawa Lima, the strongest, rough but soft-hearted, our hope is that -> BIMS can become a strong “valuable” corporation like Bima, with all the bureaucracy and business expectations in it but rightly prioritizing the interests of the people in it.
Inspira -> represents an inspiring object, we hope -> BIMS can become an IT consultant who inspires various groups ranging from fellow consultants, our clients, and various other connected parties.
Master -> represents a craftsman / craftsman, our hope is that BIMS is an expert in their field, with the help of the skillful hands of the thinkers in it, BIMS develops solutions for the environment.
Solution -> represents BIMS as a solution institution, not an institution that seems to only add new problems to its service users.

The red and white logo symbolizes the Indonesian nation, the inscription is clear to the right of the meaning “To The Point”, with a flat design of the puppet head representing Bima,
“Free hands design” on the head of the puppet represents “creativity”

Starting from a hobby, business journey and a desire to contribute to the country, we POLBAN (Bandung State Polytechnic) alumni from the Department of Computer and Information Engineering gather, negotiate, equalize the vision to build vitality, build, vision to build, work vision to build vitality, active corporsion nation development.

The BIMS Corporation was legally established on October 2, 2016 as a CV which is engaged in consulting various technologies, Information Systems and Technology, and various matters related to it.