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We provide ready-to-use application templates for those of you who need the support of a mobile-based learning application (android) which is projected to practice self-learning-based questions, which is perfect for those of you who want to create a set of question-based learning media for your students.

Dynamic question management

Through the admin panel, the application admin can dynamically manage practice questions starting from question descriptions, question discussion, and question answers.

Advanced question search function

Participants can take part in the question practice session with various question disbursement action modes, starting from looking for similar questions, looking for questions with an easier or more difficult difficulty level, searching randomly, and so on. This allows participants to dynamically use the application of practice questions according to the learning needs at that time.

Picture Questions & Multiple Choice

The questions you create can be in the form of descriptive text, or images, suitable for a variety of question forms, including managing multiple choice descriptions.

Automatic Recapitulation

Every time a participant works on a question, the system immediately recapitulates the duration of working on the question, the status of the correct answer, and so on, so that a trend of the success of a particular question is seen.

Dynamic Problem Group

Not only questions that are dynamic in nature, still question groups too, you can categorize questions according to the needs of your discussion, the latest filters described previously work independently from one question group to another.

Question Material Panel (Learning Support) *

The application is equipped with a menu of materials which can be projected as student learning media before working on questions, this material is not dynamic (for the current version) – you need to take a development (code) approach to add material (static) – BIMS will be happy forever help you in managing this material.


What are the contents of the application boundle?

  1. Source code for the android application (Android Studio Native Java),
  2. Web Application (CI) Admin Panel / for admin purposes managing data on questions and so on,
  3. Web Application (Slim) API
  4. Database Schema (MySQL / MariaDB)

How do I buy this source?

Please contact our team via
or via WA to 0856-2425-7705

There is link for demo apps?

You can check our running apps in this link.

Is it possible for me to request changes / add some things in the application?

It is very possible, regarding pricing and other technical matters, it can be continued via email / wa above.