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Oct 31

Leader’ Daily Agenda Apps Has Been Release [Happy Client]

(09/21) BIMS had opportunity to help BAPENDA Jawa Barat to create simple app for manage leader’s daily agenda. In general this apps work on web infrastructure for ‘backend’ and ‘frontend’ side, but with ‘WebView’ technique we can create mobile apps in one shot too. There is 2 main user for this apps, first on is […]
Oct 29


Bina Integration & Education Foundation with BIMS (1/17) designed and developed an android application to facilitate individuals / organizations who want to learn about organizational management, financial management, accounting, and so on through the BIDUK application which can be downloaded at, the application in general it is a representation of the main YBIE website […]
Jun 24

SIPP Android DLH Prov Jabar

BIMS has collaborated with the West Java Provincial Environment Agency (06/19) in the context of developing the SIPP (Complaint Reporting Information System) application, one of the sub-jobs is the Malaysian Android application developer which is projected by the West Java kankalay project. In the future, it is hoped that if there are environmental violations found […]