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Electronic Picture Exchange Communication System
A simple application that is used to transform direct communication needs into image-based electronically, suitable for children or others who are in their infancy and need help in the form of interactive communication tools,

E-PECS or short for (Electronic Picture Exchange Communication System) is designed specifically for children, uses the concept of a dynamic communication card, can be tailored to the needs of the child and the environment in which he lives, parents are expected to participate in the use of applications in this case the process initial application settings.

Privacy and Security Policy

  1. The application uses the camera / and opens the gallery to take pictures / access photos, photos are used for info objects only, and are stored on the application’s internal storage only, the application will not send these photos to other places (the application is always in offline mode) so that the privacy of the object content can be maintained.
  2. In accordance with its function, the application is directed to help children who have difficulty speaking through communication via pictures and card concepts. Parents are expected to participate in managing the application for optimal application functionality.
  3. For the sake of learning the images that you input can be included with sound, so that children can always understand how to read / sound a sound on certain cards, so we have prepared a sound recording feature for this, your privacy is very protected with this feature, all recordings are stored on internal storage Your mobile application device is offline, the developer will not use the data beyond your control.

How to use the application

  1. Before using the application, please visit the Settings menu, to set various object properties, starting from:
    a. Image and sound of “Aku/I” cards
    b. Image and sound card “Ingin/want”
    c. Image and sound samples “object 1” and “object 2”
    d. Images and sounds for the 7 main data groups
  2. When finished, in the settings section there is an option about application mode, you as a parent can add cards by activating edit mode, and the add card button will appear on the “I want” menu, here you can add cards to each main data group according to your needs and / or your child.
  3. after the settings and your card have been entered, the application is ready to use,

berbagai tampilan menu aplikasi

The first image is the main menu of the application, there is a “Latihan” menu for a guide on how to use the application (divided into 4 training phases) then the main menu is in the “I Want” menu, here the child is directed to interact with communication via card, while the 3rd menu is settings where the main data setup at the start of the application)

The 2nd image is a card data management skill, in this view you as a parent add a communication card as needed,

The 3rd image is the display of the “Aku Ingin / I want” menu, through this menu the child is expected to fill in 3 simple terminology boxes “Aku/I” – “Ingin/Want” – “…”, Each word / card chosen by the child will sound and fill in the box below, the repeat button is used to repeat the process (emptying the 3 card spaces above) and the plus button is used to add cards.