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Oct 29

Closing of PNS Assessment Dashboard Project – Biak Numfor Papua

Bims joined the breeding 2016, became one of the vendors of cyber experts (network and server) presentation of the Performance Dashboard Monitoring application with PT Menara Kadin Indonesia
Jul 04

Let’s Share (Orphanage Jabal Nuur 165 Ciwaruga)

This Ramadhan Social Activity (5/19) was held at the Jabal Nuur 165 Orphanage which is in the Ciwaruga area (2 Km up to the north of POLBAN). We carried out various activities with the penti orphan, Alhamdulillah, the whole event went smoothly from the beginning to the closing (Open together). This year’s activity was carried […]
Apr 04

Light discussion on the initiation of the bauxite mine data acquisition work of PT. Antam

(Thursday 11/4) After success with Rinda for Nickel's commodity, BIMS has continued to cooperate with PT. Antam to build the Rinda application for the Bauxite commodity, 2019 will be the year to digitize Antam's exploration data acquisition process, hopefully the process will run smoothly and facilitate the process. The Exploration Data Acquisition Application (Rinda) is […]